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Publish Date: Summer 2003
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Exclusive DAS Survey

Yellow Pages Ads Dominate Dealer Advertising

More than three-fourths (76%) of garage door dealers say that Yellow Pages ads take up the largest percentage of their advertising budget.

That finding is one of the key results of a May 2003 Door & Access Systems E-mail survey of 100 door dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Of the 100 surveyed, 41 dealers responded, representing a broad spectrum of population centers.

Expecting that dealers in large population centers may spend more for Yellow Pages ads, we sought to receive responses from a wide variety of towns, small cities, and large cities. The strategy worked.

Respondents came from areas of less than 10,000 people (within a 10-mile radius of the dealer’s primary location), more than 1,000,000 people, and all areas between.

Many Directories, More Dollars

· 62.5% of survey respondents are now running a display ad in four or more directories.

The increase in the number of telephone directories has forced dealers to spread more ad dollars over several directories. More than a third (37.5%) of our respondents said they are running a display ad in “more than five directories.”

Big Ads, Big Bucks

· 57.5% said that one or more garage door companies in their area are running at least one full-page ad in the Yellow Pages.

Even though the cost of a full-page ad would strangle many door dealers, most of our survey respondents see full-page door dealer ads in their local Yellow Pages. One of every five (20%) respondents reported that four or more local door dealers are running at least one full-page ad in the Yellow Pages.

Absolutely Essential?

· 32% said that Yellow Pages advertising is absolutely essential, noting that, “I’d be reluctant to reduce my spending on Yellow Pages ads.”

Our survey indicates that 95 percent of dealers are presently advertising in the Yellow Pages. Dealers obviously feel that a Yellow Pages ad is important, but how important?

One third (32%) of our dealers felt that it’s absolutely essential, while only 12 percent checked this statement: “It’s helpful, but I could live without it.” Half (51%) of our respondents agreed with: “It’s very important, but I could probably reduce my overall spending on Yellow Pages ads.”

Fighting back the cost of Yellow Pages ads, one respondent commented, “I reduced my (Yellow Pages) ads last year … due to the cost. (But) I must be in there for the service work.”

The Biggest Bite

· 93% said Yellow Pages advertising takes up the largest or second largest portion of their advertising budget.

The survey presented eight different types of advertising (Billboards/Signage, Direct Mail, Internet, Newspaper, Magazines, Radio, TV, and Yellow Pages), and asked dealers which one takes up the largest percentage of their advertising budget.

Yellow Pages advertising was clearly the top choice, selected by 76 percent of dealers. Newspaper advertising was a distant second, but only 10 percent said newspaper advertising takes the biggest bite out of their ad budget.

Average = $43,000

· The average respondent spent $43,000 in Yellow Pages in 2002.

Each respondent identified their total spending on Yellow Pages ads in 2002, selecting from 10 spending categories from “Less than $5,000” to “More than $1,000,000.” Six selected the lowest category, while five percent selected $250,001 - $500,000 (the highest chosen). The median expense of all respondents was $43,200.

A copy of the full survey report is available at no charge. To receive the report, fax your request to 815-285-2543, or send an E-mail to daseditor@dasma.com. Simply request the Yellow Pages survey.

Door Companies with Full-Page Ads
How many garage door companies in your area (including yourself) are running at least one full-page ad?
None 42.5%
1-2 companies 32.5%
3+ companies 25.0%

The Largest Advertising Expense
Which ad media takes up the largest percentage of your advertising budget?
Yellow Pages 75.6%
Newspaper 9.8%
TV 7.3%
Other 7.3%