FEATURES — Door Dealers Favor Bush

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Publish Date: Fall 2000
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Door Dealers Favor Bush

Garage door dealers favor Governor George Bush (Republican) over Vice President Al Gore (Democrat) by more than a 4-to-1 margin, according to a recent poll conducted by Door & Access Systems newsmagazine (see results below).

The poll, conducted at Expo 2000 in April and by fax in August, revealed that 65 percent of door dealers would vote for Bush if the election were held "today." Only 14 percent of the responding dealers said they would vote for Gore.

The vote by door dealers would vary significantly from a vote by a cross section of Americans. According to a poll conducted in late August by Gallup, CNN, and USA Today, the election is virtually a dead heat, with 46 percent favoring Bush and 45 percent favoring Gore.

Bush and Gore on Small Business and Tax Issues

Vice President Gore has pledged to:
  • Balance the nation's budget, to help keep interest rates and unemployment low.
  • Invest in education, health care, job training and research & development that would help spur innovation and keep the economy growing.
  • Streamline government, eliminate red tape, and expand opportunities for families and businesses.
  • Provide targeted tax cuts aimed at spurring investment in small business.
  • Double the amount of estate tax exemption for small businesses so that 70% of small business owners will no longer have to pay any estate tax on their small business.
  • Provide a regulatory environment that does not create undue compliance burdens, while protecting workers and the environment.
(Source: www.algore.com)

Governor Bush has pledged to:

  • Cut the maximum tax rate for the middle class to 25 percent (versus the current maximum rates of 28 and 31 percent).
  • Greatly reduce the marriage penalty by restoring the 10 percent deduction for two earner families, allowing them to deduct up to an additional $3,000.
  • Cap the top tax rate at 33 percent (down from the current 39.6 percent).
  • Eliminate the death tax.
  • Make the research and development tax credit permanent.
  • Raise the cap on corporate giving.
(Source: www.georgewbush.com)
April and August 2000

Gore/Lieberman (Dem)

Bush/Cheney (Rep)

Buchanan/Foster (Reform)

Nader/LaDuke (Green)

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No Answer

Aug. 24-27, 2000

Gore/Lieberman (Dem)

Bush/Cheney (Rep)

Buchanan/Foster (Reform)

Nader/LaDuke (Green)

Not Sure

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